Artist Submission Guidelines

The Courtyard Gallery believes representing artists is an honor; and we give this process great thought, consideration and care. The Gallery is always interested in seeing new and recognized talent. However we balance our desire for new talent with the strong goal of keeping our gallery small enough in our total number of artists to effectively represent them and their career goals. By this we mean our combined ability to promote our artists through advertising and editorial coverage, devoting appropriate space to their work, and to develop a relationship with them so as best to represent them and their work.

First, take a detailed look at our website, or visit the gallery to understand the nature of work we exhibit. After you are familiar with our collection, and you feel your work would be appropriate for us, please carefully follow these guidelines. This will help ensure your work is given a thorough review. Submissions are accepted via regular mail and electronically by typing “Artist Submission” in the subject line and e-mailing labeled documents and images to: Please keep the size of each of your attachments in mind before sending.  When the submission process is complete we will be in touch with the artists we would like to talk with and consider for possible representation. Thank you again for your thoughtful consideration, time and effort. 

Please provide the following information

I . Cover Letter
Tell us about yourself your artwork and how it is currently marketed
Include your website if available

2. Artist’s Statement (a brief paragraph)

3. Biography and Resume

4. Photographs of Artwork
Color print outs of artwork, minimum five
Optional Compact Disc (CD) with images of artwork, limit fifteen
Labeled with artist’s name, title, medium, size and retail price
Please do not send original artwork