1515 Triptych Acrylic and Liquid in on Board by Randy Clark 332
Randy Clark 332

The art I create combines realism and the abstract I believe spontaneous is a valid description of my current artwork. My mind's eye envisions something that might be quiet different from the end product, but yet enlightening. Through monotypes and mixed media, both transparent and thick application, and also the absences of color. The process captures me into hours of pleasure as I exuberantly experiment and continually think of new things. Being raised in the small art community of Lindsborg KS, I have felt its creative influence through the years. The arts have inspired me to be more aware of nature’s shapes, colors, and textures. The lightness and darkness, softness and hardness all around me.

1515 Triptych Acrylic and Liquid in on Board
Randy Clark 332
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